The Name Series

A call went out to members of the Extreme Bad Poetry Society to create poems with a theme which included cognomens. Unfortunately, several were immediately submitted, so they are included here. fibbel sends his second contribution, as always dedicated to his maternal parent. T :) has proffered her first submission to the EBPS in honor of EBPS co-creator zimmie, who in turn immortalized Toad.

We are extremely fortunate that T :) condescended to contribute to the EBPS. We were beginning to despair that there were no Extreme Bad Poets who were not testosterone enhanced (although there are rumors that the White Egret has something up her pen).


I'm a fool
I think it's cool
It's not something I learned in school
I wrote this with a tool
That I never carried on a mule
or dropped into a pool.

It's hot
Don't think it's not
Here's another shot
But I'm not sure at what
Oh, tommyrot
I tied my shoelace in a knot.

The webpage is a hit
So don't get in a snit
Don't even have a hissy fit
Or fall into a pit
Don't even need to s[p|h]it.

fibbel (with help from Goofy VI, and Spyke)

To Our Anguished Denizen1

Freely he hath walked this earth
O'er many a stream and pond,
Though with anxious eyes he scans the dark
His thoughts are wanton but fond.
No fears has he that softly treads,
At times his heart beats cold.
With pinpoint eyes and gasping breath,
Tripping Over Allegorical Death. [T.O.A.D.]

With pen in hand, or wrench, or key
Upon the iv'ries he plays.
On Kimbeast, or Scott, or Emily
His eyes will fondly gaze.
Inside the stately and wond'ring mind
Objects and desires abound.
Throughout the day he sits and fidgets
Tasting Orange Alphanumeric Digits. [T.O.A.D.]

Geography and mapping, from Sea to Eunuchs
Preparing for transportable business.
His life proceeds with amazing glitches,
And wife the first was known for dizziness.
The Premier loss of our nation beckons him,
The past is gone its lessons learnt.
From Lee to Grant he plots collusions,
Trying Out Antebellum Delusions. [T.O.A.D.]


Zimmie - Man

Zimmie - Man
Zimmie - Man
Shimmy'n the poetry WAN
Rhyming where he can
Till the day he's ban[d]
Shimmy, shimmy
Zimmie - man
Shimmy, shimmy
That bad poetry - man.

T :)

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